More than 100 apartments, rooms and cottages in Saariselkä area

Including in villages Inari, Ivalo, Sodankylä and Vuotso

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From Majoitus Kuukkeli you will have the best accommodation awaiting you in the arctic hill village Saariselkä – Welcome!

Upscale accommodations for every holiday – apartments, cottages and rooms, all in the best locations in Saariselkä.

Accommodations in Lapland with over 20 years of experience

Majoitus Kuukkeli has housed visitors for over 20 years and always offering the best holiday experiencefor our holiday-makers. Over the years, in addition to the center of Saariselkä, the accommodation capacity has expanded to Sodankylä, Vuotso, Ivalo and Inari. In this wide selection there are a total of 24 addresses. Sixteen in the Saariselkä´s center area and three more locations in the Laanila area, approximately 4 km from the center.

Kuukkeli has much more than just accommodation services

Saariselkä´s Kuukkeli is a brand that offers almost everything you need on your vacation. Accommodation, taxi service, bike and equipment rental, and activity booking services can be found under the same roof.

Shopping Center Kuukkeli is home to Saariselkä's only grocery store K-market Kuukkeli. And inside of only one building you can find almost all services you´ll need on your holiday in Saariselkä.The Shopping Center Kuukkeli is in Saariselkä's Siula House at Kiveliöntie 8.

Shopping Center of Saariselkä village

E-Fatbikes and mountain bikes from Saariselkä´s Kuukkeli. We have 100 electrically assisted fat bikes in our selection.

Book your equipments

Saariselkä has a lot to offer and things to do all year round. You can book activities from hiking to bikingm snowmobile trips and equipment rental from Majoitus Kuukkeli.

Things to do on vacation