Majoitus Kuukkeli - accommodation in the best locations of Saariselkä area

We offer a cozy and comfortable accommodation in the arctic hill village of northern Lapland, Saariselkä.
Majoitus Kuukkeli has many different accommodation options in Saariselka and Laanila. Our accommodation can also be found in villages of Ivalo, Vuotso, Inari and Sodankylä.

Majoitus Kuukkeli offers wide selection comfortable accommodations in Saariselkä

We maintain and update our properties constantly, also listening to our customers. Whether you wish more affordable hostel-style room or high-class apartment, suite apartment or gottage accommodation, with all the amenties and enjoying a hot tub, there is something for every holiday in the Majoitus Kuukkeli.

Welcome to stay with us!

Majoitus Kuukkeli´s office, reception and key service in Saariselkä area is located at Shopping Center Kuukkeli,
at Kiveliöntie 8, Siula house, 99830 Saariselkä.
Majoitus Kuukkeli’s office is open Mon-Fri from 9 am to 5 pm.

If your check-in is at 5 p.m. or on weekends, you can find separate instructions via the application link “My Holiday” on your booking confirmation at your e-mail.

Check-out of the rooms and return of the keys also takes place at the Majoitus Kuukkeli´s office. The rooms must be handed over on the day of departure by 12 (noon) and the apartments by 13 (1 pm.) If the estimated departure time is later than that, you can already purchase a late check-out while making your booking.

If the estimated check-in time is after 21 (9pm) or you have other questions, please contact us by e-mail: or by phone: +358443636972

Easy going holidays

There is more to Kuukkeli’s properties than just good beds with sweet dreams . In Lapland hospitality means that our guests enjoy and feel at home. Your own sauna in apartment or a sauna use time in relaxes the muscles after the day.
Kuukkeli Log Houses Aurora Resort’s sauna house also has a swimming pool, and the Kuukkeli Log Houses Teerenpesä Suites have whirpool. Almost all locations have the possibility of cooking, either in your own kitchen or in the shared one. If you don’t want to cook or eating in a restaurant on every night, you can always buy ready made meals from Home Kitchen Kuukkeli.

Saariselkä is one of the oldest tourist centers in Finland

Saariselkä is one of the oldest tourist centers in Finland, where have been travel activity since the 1950s. Unlike other holiday resorts, Saariselkä is also a village, because there has been a permanent settlement and residents here since 1973. The actual development of tourism started in the 1980s and the growth continues today.

Today, the permanent population is almost three hundred people, but the number of residents varies according to the seasons. Many current residents have first come to work for the one season and then stayed permanently in the fells. The locals humorously talk about “Brought by Eskelinen” (Lappish coach company) and “Senteced for life”, but there are “bare footed” people in Saariselkä, who were born in here.

Experience nature in Urho Kekkonen National Park

The Saariselkä area has always differed from other tourist centers in Lapland. The village is in the hug of Urho Kekkonen National Park, so here you are in the middle of Lapland’s nature. In Saariselka you can find e.g. Finland’s longest sledding hill with lights and Finland’s largest ski track network, with a total of 200 kilometers in the winter season.

The Saariselkä area has very versatile camping, hiking, mountain biking and skiing trails, as well as the slalom ski slopes. In hills, the terrain trails vary in both their steepness and length, from a few hours’ walk to a week-long hike.
All our destinations in Saariselkä are located close to outdoor trails and nature.

Majoitus Kuukkeli – in the heart of Saariselkä

Saariselkä profiles itself more for adult-style vacations and outdoor activities than for a wild night life, but yes, there are plenty of restaurants and bars here too. Saariselkä also has for example, Saariselkä Bowling, a Holiday Club Saariselkä Spa and a fell chapel for the self-catering traveler to enjoy and pass the time.

Kuukkeli (Siberian Jay) is lucky bird in Lapland

As the first and only grocery store in Saariselkä, Kuukkeli has played a big role in the development of the Saariselkä into a village, and as the village has grown, the lucky bird Kuukkeli has also raised his family. Originally opened in 1981, K-Shop Kuukkeli is today K-Market Kuukkeli. The word kuukkeli appearing in the company’s name indicates that it belongs to the same family and at the same time it is a brand name.

In addition to the only grocery store in the village of Saariselkä, we offer accommodation as well as bike rental and activity services. Taxi Kuukkeli picks up, delivers and drops off. Home Bakery Kuukkeli prepares and bakes fresh products every day like with Kuukkeli’s own (and secret) recipe of unleavened barley bread seasoned with smoked reindeer or potato , as well as cloudberry jam doughnuts. The Home Kitchen Kuukkeli´s selection includes for example the tradional Lappish sautéed reindeer which meat produced by the local reindeer farm.

Shopping Center Kuukkeli is home to Saariselkä's only grocery store K-market Kuukkeli. And inside of only one building you can find almost all services you´ll need on your holiday in Saariselkä.The Shopping Center Kuukkeli is in Saariselkä's Siula House at Kiveliöntie 8.

Shopping Center Kuukkeli

Saariselkä. Far in the north, but easily accessible. Welcome to Fell Village - here we have collected information and various links that might be usable during your vacation.

What to do in Saariselkä

Rent E-Fatbikes and other outdoor equipments easily from Kuukkeli Rental Office. You can also book various outdoor activities and program experiences for the whole family through us.

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