More than 100 apartments, rooms and cottages in Saariselkä and Northern Lapland

Including in villages of Inari, Ivalo, Sodankylä and Vuotso.

Kuukkeli Log Houses Teerenpesä - Suite A 49

With Majoitus Kuukkeli you will have the best accommodation
awaiting you in the arctic hill village Saariselkä – Welcome!

Upscaled accommodations for every holiday – apartments, cottages and rooms, all in the best locations in Saariselkä.
We wish you to enjoy your vacation with us. We do our best to provide suitable accommodations for every type of vacation. Options range from luxury log cabin apartments to entire cottages, as well as hostel-style private rooms with shared facilities. You choose the option that suits you best.

Hospitality and accommodation in Lapland
with over 20 years of experience

Majoitus Kuukkeli Accommodation has housed visitors for over 20 years and always offering the best experiences for our holiday-makers. Over the years, in addition to the center of Saariselkä, the accommodation capacity has expanded to Laanila and villages of northern Lapland like Sodankylä, Vuotso, Ivalo and Inari. On just Saariselkä area there are already total of 24 addresses. Sixteen in the Saariselkä´s center area and three more locations in the Laanila area, approximately 4 km from the center.

Come to accommodate in the village of Ivalo. Ivalo is the largest population center of the municipality and at the same time the administrative center of the Inari municipality. It is 32 kilometers from Ivalo to Saariselka.


Stay and accommodate comfortable in the new Kuukkeli Apartments Inari at the center of Inari village, just a short walk from Lake Inari.


Majoitus Kuukkeli offers accommodation in Sodankylä in the middle of Lapland


Kuukkeli is much more than
quality accommodation services

But what is Kuukkeli? Kuukkeli is a bird, Siberian Jay in English. It is known to bring you good-luck and is bird with many tales and beliefs  in Lapland. It has been said that there is a special faith and friendship between Kuukkeli and a person wandering in nature.
Saariselkä´s Kuukkeli is a brand that offers almost everything you need on your vacation. It is local hospitality from taxi transportation service, bike and outdoor equipment rental, and activity booking services. From our house kitchen and bakery you´ll get take-away portions, freshly baked goodies and other lappish delicacies like “Kuukkeli Originals” berry products.

Shopping Center Kuukkeli is home to Saariselkä's only grocery store K-market Kuukkeli. And inside of only one building you can find almost all services you´ll need on your holiday in Saariselkä.The Shopping Center Kuukkeli is in Saariselkä's Siula House at Kiveliöntie 8.

Shopping Center of Saariselkä village

Cafe-Restaurant Kuukkeli is at Shopping Center Kuukkeli´s second floor. Accessed by stairs or elevator. Lunch, dinner, pizzas and hamburgers - come and enjoy!

Eat, drink and refresh at Cafe-Restaurant Kuukkeli

Rent E-Fatbikes and other outdoor equipments easily from Kuukkeli Rental Office. You can also book various outdoor activities and program experiences for the whole family through us.

Holiday activities for whole family