Majoitus Kuukkeli - Kuukkeli Apartments Inari

Accommodate comfortable in the new Kuukkeli Apartments Inari at the center of Inari, just a short walk from Lake Inari.

Holiday in Inari Village – Stay at Kuukkeli Apartments Inari

Kuukkeli Apartments Inari has three new and comfortable apartments with a total of 12 beds. The apartments are located in a red brick house in the center of Inari village and close to its services.

The accommodation is just a few minutes walk away from the famous Inarijärvi (Lake Inari).

Kuukkeli Apartments Inari is a self-catering accommodation, and there is no reception or staff on site.

Inari – the center of Sámi culture

The village of Inari is strongly connected to Sami culture and life. Inari is home to, for example, the Sámi Church, the Sámi Museum-Nature Center Siida and the Sámi Culture Center Sajos, which is the parliament house of the Sámi people in Finland and a center of culture, education and expertise.
The Sámi region’s education center Sogsakk, located in Inari, is a secondary school run by the Finnish state, which plays a key role in promoting the Sámi region and culture, as well as Arctic know-how.

Inari – or Inari?

It may be confusing when talking about Inari. The municipality of Inari is the largest in Finland in terms of area, and also Saariselkä is located in the territory of the municipality of Inari. Then there is also village of Inari. Then again the administrative center of Inari municipality is located in village of Ivalo.

However, the actual village of Inari is located about 70 kilometres north of Saariselkä and about 40 kilometers north of Ivalo. The Inari village is the center of Finnish Sami culture.

Although Finland is a bilingual country (Finnish and Swedish), three different Sámi languages are officially used here in the area of the northern municipality alongside the Finnish language; Northern Sami, Inari Sami and Koltan Sami. Almost a third of Inari residents (here means municipal residents) are Sámi.