Accommodation in Ivalo village yet in the middle of nature

Ivalo is the largest population center of the municipality. It is 32 kilometers from Ivalo to Saariselka.

Kuukkeli Ivalo Arctic House

Kuukkeli Ivalo Arctic House offers holiday accommodation in Ivalo in a two-bedroom house. It is located about two kilometers from the center of the village and close to Ivalojoki.

This property was renovated from a detached house, but the interior has been renovated to meet modern needs. House is on the large plot in the middle of nature which reminds of summer vacations at Grandma’s.

Despite the arctic name, you don’t have to feel cold in the house and sauna takes care of warm relaxation. In the winter time, if you dare you could try the lappish way to cool off between the sauna steam… in outside and by making snow angels.

Kuukkeli Ivalo Airport Inn

Kuukkeli Ivalo Airport Inn is located in the village of Ivalo Törmänen, a good three kilometers from Ivalo Airport, and is the only accommodation near the airport.

Kuukkeli Ivalo Airport Inn offers international hostel-style accommodation with rooms. Bathroom, toilet and kitchen facilities are shared.

The newly renovated and renewed property has only recently become available for use. The rooms are clean and the basic equipment includes, in addition to beds, a wardrobe, a Yankee refrigerator and a flat-screen TV.

As a destination, it is especially suitable for groups and overnight stays on the way north or south. The nearest shop and other services are located in Ivalo, which is approx. 7.5 kilometers away.

Kuukkeli Ivalo Airport Inn is a self-catering accommodation, and there are no reception or personnel. When booking, as a separate additional service, you can pre-order a breakfast bag that will be delivered to the destination.

Experience Ivalo

Inari Weeks, organized annually at the end of July, culminates in the WaterCross event, where snowmobiles are driven on the Ivalojoki. This initially small-scale competition has grown into an actual festival event, with participants coming from as far away as Norway and Sweden.

By the way, did you know that Ivalo has a beach which is comparable to famous finnish Kalajoki with its sandy beach? Ivalojoki has a sandy bottom and is quite shallow in places, so the water is suitable for swimming even in the summer time.

Travelers interested in architecture should head to Ivalo’s Lutheran church to marvel at. The church, which look like a ski-jump hill, was designed by senior architect Kauko Kokko and architect Laura Järvi-Larkas. Don’t forget to take a peek inside, because the interior of the church, which was designed quite modernly in the 1960s, differs from traditional wooden churches, and even the altar cross is made of glass.

Ivalo in old days and today

Originally, Ivalo was known as the village of Kyrö, because it was founded and built by Henrik Kyrö in 1750 on the Ivalojoki. Recently, Ivalo has been made famous, among other things, by the TV series Ivalo.

Ivalo is also the northernmost place in Finland where you can do military service. Lapland’s border guard participates in the defense of the kingdom by maintaining defense readiness and training conscripts for the border guard reserve. In Ivalo, there is a border jaeger company, also known as a guerilla company, where conscripts participate in versatile intelligence training.