K-Market Kuukkeli

Saariselkä village has only one shop, K-Market Kuukkeli so also local people shop here. We have wide selection not only groceries but other necessities, since distancies in Lapland are long – next grocery store is 32 km away.

Welcome to Saariselkä´s K-Market Kuukkeli

Good selection of everyday products, groceries and freshly baked goods from Homebakery Kuukkeli.
Souvenirs and gift items, Lappish delicacies, clothes, household items and much more. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, just ask from our staff.

In the department on the middle, 1st floor you can find e.g.

  • Refreshments, food & other household goods: Most of the store is reserved for groceries and household goods.
  • Homebakery Kuukkeli’s fresh pastries. Sweet and savory products every day like cloudberry jam donuts baked with our own recipe.
  • Lappish delicacies like Lappish bread cheese, natural berry juices and jams, as well as several reindeer meat products and fish delicacies from Inarinjärvi.

In the department on the top, 2nd floor are e.g.

  • Outdoor and camping product. For example Marttiini’s knives and other accessories for camping like headlamps, compasses, ski waxes and other ski maintenance products
  • Clothes and textiles: Socks, gloves, beanies, jackets and fleeces, socks and t-shirts.
  • Household items and small hardware
  • Home textiles such as towels and sheets
  • Souvenirs and gifts


We are open every day from 9 am to 9 pm.
Summer or winter, rain or shine, Christmas or Midsummer – Welcome to K-Market Kuukkeli!

You can also order and purchase your groceries through our online store.

K-Market Kuukkelin services


K-Market Kuukkeli
Open daily 9-21

Kiveliöntie 8, Siula talo
(Shopping Center Kuukkeli)
99830 Saariselkä
+358 600 302 700