You don´t have a residential address but wish to receive your mail to Saariselkä?

You can now re-sent your mail and magazines to your rental mailbox
in Saariselkä´s Shopping Center Kuukkeli.

Kuukkeli mailboxes are located in
the Shopping Center Kuukkeli
at Kiveliöntie 8, 99830 Saariselkä.
Mailboxes can only be rented through
the website of

The mailboxes for rent are located in the Kuukkeli shopping center, at Kiveliöntie 8, Siula talo, 99830 Saariselkä.
On this page you can make a reservation for free mailboxes.

The previous Posti service collection post/poste restante is no longer available in Saariselkä. If you don’t have a mailbox and want your mail delivered directly to Saariselkä, you can rent a mailbox from Kuukkeli. Otherwise, all your mail goes to the post office in Ivalo, R-Kioski, and where to the round trip is 64 km. Nowadays, you can pick up your packages from Saariselkä post or order them at the post machine (on the ground floor).

Send your package on the internet or in the omaposti application, and you can leave your package to go onward to Saariselkä Posti or to the mail machine downstairs. If you want to pay and send your package on the spot by post, you have to take it to Ivalo.

If you have any other questions about this service, call to Majoitus Kuukkeli´s office at +358 44 3636 972.
Make a reservation below for your Kuukkeli’s mailbox.